Warranty and post-warranty repair

If the refrigeration equipment was serviced, repairs are usually scheduled. If not, a breakdown and its subsequent elimination become a problem.

For all equipment purchased in Eliteholod company, we give a guarantee, which will protect you from unexpected expenses. Service maintenance is a prerequisite of the guarantee.

But what if warranty expires and equipment stops working? The best solution is to contact those who will repair quickly and efficiently and provide a guarantee for the repaired equipment.

Why should you contact Eliteholod company:

  • we have our own department engaged in service and repair;
  • each team of specialists has its own car, which means the team will arrive on time;
  • you don’t have to wait for the necessary parts — there are more than 1800 goods in our warehouse. We will find the parts or equipment you need quickly!
  • specialists will not only repair the equipment but also carry out its diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem.
  • along with high-quality repairs and equipment diagnostics, you will also get a list of recommendations from the company. This list will help you forget about repairs for a long time!
  • we provide a warranty for repairs performed by our company.

Attention! If we have a large number of repair requests, we give priority to organizations, which service maintenance is provided by Eliteholod.

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