Installation and commissioning of equipment

After purchase, equipment must be installed and connected, and operation of the entire refrigeration system must be adjusted. Eliteholod can take on these responsibilities.

We have been occupied in selling, commissioning works, maintenance and repairing refrigeration equipment since 2007. The company is divided into several departments engaged in one type of work. One of them is the installation and commissioning works department.

In the installation and commissioning works department only employees whose work experience is more than 10 years are assembled. The department is headed by an engineer with 20 years of experience. All employees are assigned to teams. Each brigade is provided with a car and a set of necessary tools.

A brigade will arrive on time, install the equipment, do commissioning works and take out the garbage. After the installation, you have 30 calendar days to verify the operation of the equipment. If a problem occurs during this period, we will configure the system to work for free.

The warranty for the connected equipment is 24 months if there is a support service in a service company. Service maintenance can be provided by Eliteholod company.