CAREL dispatch systems

Sometimes service maintenance is not enough and daily monitoring of the system is required. To minimize damage, we suggest connecting objects to a remote monitoring system. It will allow not only to control the operation of the object but also significantly save electricity.

Monitoring system: description, principles of operation, advantages

Monitoring system — is a hardware-software complex that allows to remotely monitor and control the operation of all equipment connected to it.

It consists of:

  • a technical component
  • a software component

Sensors, refrigeration and ventilation equipment are connected to controllers. Controllers — to the equipment of the monitoring system on which special software application is installed. The program records the data received from the controllers and stores it in memory. Data is saved for the entire period of connecting the equipment to the dispatch system. Using this program, remote access to an object’s equipment management is provided.

The monitoring of equipment is carried out by a monitoring engineer. He installs a special program on a computer and configures the connection to the object. The program displays the plan of the sales area and the scheme of connected refrigeration units.

For each equipment, a list of key parameters is displayed:

  • temperature
  • door status (open / closed)
  • light (on / off)
  • defrost condition
  • regulation status

The monitoring specialist of Eliteholod company checks the operation of the refrigeration equipment and detailed information every 2 hours daily.

If a problem occurs, a red light will turn on and an automatic alarm notification will be triggered. The store’s chief engineer and the monitoring specialist will receive phone and email messages. Our specialist will contact the chief engineer of your store and send a service brigade to the object. The problem will be fixed before the products spoil.

Advantages of the monitoring system:

  1. provides remote monitoring of the system
  2. allows you to respond quickly if a problem occurs
  3. allows to remotely manage equipment
  4. has a convenient interface

Connection to the monitoring system does not exclude visiting the object by technical specialists. The service team will visit your object to clean equipment, inspect and configure it. While the monitoring system will help to monitor the operation of the equipment closely and to solve problems faster.