Sale of refrigeration equipment, components and consumables

According to September 2019, more than 1800 products are presented in our catalog. Eliteholod company sells products of brands leading in refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and ventilation industries.

Our suppliers:

  • Castel
  • Feinrohren
  • Zetaesse
  • Conex Bänninger
  • Artiplastic Macos
  • Errecom
  • Gomax
  • Rodigas
  • Sauermann
  • Secop
  • Sedes Group
  • Carel

Eliteholod is the official distributor of the listed companies in Belarus. So, we buy products in bulk directly from manufacturing plants.

Why is it profitable for you:

  • best prices for equipment from the manufacturer
  • minimum margins on our side
  • confidence in the quality of goods

The products presented in the store’s catalogue are in our warehouse in Minsk. The office and the warehouse are located in 2 minutes walk from each other. Therefore, within an hour after signing a contract, we can ship several tens or hundreds of units of the desired product.

Some products are made individually to feet the customers' needs. For example, trade furniture. Such products are ordered in advance. When the factory completes the order, we will pick it up and deliver to you.

Eliteholod provides a guarantee for all purchased equipment from 12 months to 36 months if service and repair are provided by a service organization.

Key benefits of Eliteholod:

  • More than 1800 items are in the store catalog
  • We work only with the leading in their field brands
  • We buy products from the factory in bulk
  • The warehouse and the office are in one place

In addition to selling equipment, Eliteholod company carries out the whole range of works: installation and commissioning of equipment, service maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repairs.