Maintenance of refregiration equipment

How often does your refrigeration equipment break down? And how often do you have to write off spoiled foodstuffs?

It is easier and cheaper to predict and fix a problem in advance, without waiting for more expensive breakdowns. Regular service maintenance will save your nerves and money!

Eliteholod company offers to order regular maintenance of refrigeration equipment. For these tasks, we have a department concerned with service maintenance exclusively.

There are 20 people in the department:

  • a chief engineer
  • a service engineer
  • 8 teams of service employees

The company has its own vehicle fleet of 9 cars. Each of them is equipped with all the necessary tools to provide first aid to your refrigeration equipment. Each brigade has its own car.

Transfer of an object to scheduled maintenance

First of all the service engineer of Eliteholod company will perform a comprehensive inspection of your object.

He carefully inspects all equipment: its quantity, condition, asks about current problems and tasks. Based on the received data, the service engineer will prepare a commercial offer.

It will include:

  • a list of recommendations
  • an individual work plan with the equipment

The commercial offer is transmitted to the customer.

Based on the received data, the customer chooses a type of service maintenance:

  • monthly
  • semi-annual
  • annual
  • single applications

IMPORTANT: The contract for monthly maintenance also includes emergency departure and round-the-clock repairs if problems appear.

When the type of service maintenance and the work plan are chosen, the object is assigned to its own service team. It will be this brigade, who will carry out all maintenance works on the object and come on emergency calls.

How is the service maintenance carried out

Eliteholod understands how important it is for you that maintenance does not interfere with the shop work. Therefore, the day and time of maintenance works are agreed with the trading object management. Maintenance is usually carried out before opening or after closing the store.

When the service team arrives for inspection of the equipment, first of all, they will:

  • check the operation of refrigeration equipment and units
  • do a visual inspection of electrical equipment
  • check temperature conditions

Then the employees will solve the detected problems, clean the capacitor units and, if necessary, adjust the system.

The team transmits all the data on the work done to the service engineer of Eliteholod company. He prepares an Acceptance Certificate and recommendations for further service maintenance of the object. The report is transmitted to the customer as soon as possible.